Weekly Planner

Healthy & Balanced

Each section is available for a variety of different food groups to ensure your meal is balanced and portioned. Make healthy choices by choosing colourful, fresh, whole foods with no additives. Aim for one of each of these food groups for your meal:

 You are only limited by your imagination! Use sandwich cutters, moulds and food picks to create fun and healthy homemade meals and snacks which are almost too good to eat.

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Reed and Co Weekly Planner

Best for an A3 sized print.

Tray Inserts

  • Each Bento Box comes with an illustrated tray insert.
  • Use this to trace and create your own design to suit you or your little ones interest.
  • Use wrapping paper, colouring in or print outs
  • You can laminate them and write personalised messages which you can wipe off and write on again using chalk marker pens.


Download Your Free Tray Insert

With writing space for all of the those love notes to your kids, positive affirmations or brain training puzzles.

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Candy Tray Design

Underlife Tray Design