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Reed and Co Bento Features

Save time, money and the Earth by choosing a Reed and Co Bento Box for your daily meals. Portion your meal into one leak-proof box, available with an interchangeable 4 or 6 section tray to suit your meal choice. Reed and Co Bento Boxes encourage well-balanced, portioned and nutritious meals. The clever silicone seal design locks in freshness and ensures that foods remain in their specific section, meaning no messy leaks.

Healthy and Balanced

Each section is available for a variety of different food groups to ensure your meal is balanced and portioned. Make healthy choices by choosing colourful, fresh, whole foods with no additives.

You are only limited by your imagination! Use sandwich cutters, moulds and food picks to create fun and healthy homemade meals and snacks which are almost too good to eat.


Bringing a Reed and Co Bento Box from home is cheaper than buying lunch or eating out.  It is also a great way to use up leftovers which otherwise might go to waste.

Additional savings can also be made by using in-season produce and buying or cooking in bulk and dividing it into portions and freezing.


The Reed and Co Bento Box is one beautifully packed container that allows different food to be placed in each section without them touching. This eliminates the need for plastic sandwich bags, plastic wrap and therefore minimises the amount of waste for landfill.

Reed and Co Bento Boxes are made from eco-friendly, food grade plastic which is BPA and phthalate free, and packaging has been recycled from local businesses. The interchangeable trays are dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze.

Variety for Kids

Studies show that kids think the same exact foods are “tastier” when presented with a variety of colours. The different sections in the interchangeable trays allow you to present new foods in a fun and appealing way. The idea is to make the portions as attractive as possible, dividing the food into striking arrangements and using eye-catching colour combinations.

Bento is great for small bites of several different types of food, rather than a large amount of one, meaning that kids don’t get bored so easily and have the opportunity to expand taste horizons.

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Melanie van Genderen

“Thanks Kirsty for your wonderful service.
You really are a breathe of fresh air and you do your job so well!
Love seeing you around on the lunch box groups always with more helpful advice and a friendly chat.
We absolutely loved our little colouring in template and the written note just put a beautiful touch to your product when we opened it.
Thank you so much.
Highly recommend these boxes and this great business.”

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“My boy has gone from eating nothing at kinder all day to bringing home his EMPTY bento box! Big win for us!”

Tara Cooper

“Such amazing service! Very happy with the experience from start to finish! Will happily suggest you to all my friends and family. Thanks again for being such a pleasure to do business with.”

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“My fave is they don’t ask me to buy them junk when we go out because they have their healthy bento . So good””

Kiprov Juliana 

So happy with my daughters bento box you can see and feel the amazing quality this has love it 

Samantha Birkle

“Such a beautiful lunchbox ! Really well made and sent with a lovely handwritten note. I’m buying another lunchbox for my son today! Support this business and grab a beautiful lunchbox. Will definitely be recommending”

Tash Foote 

“I could not be happier with the customer service I received from Kirsty at Reed & Co. I was amazed with the high level of professionalism, prompt service, and friendly communication I received. This is my first bento purchase, and I am super impressed with the product. It’s functionality and stylish design are really fantastic. My 16 month old is so excited when he sees his lunch box, and he loves the independence of choosing his own food to eat. If your sitting on the fence about purchasing a Reed & Co box, take it from this satisfied parent, and hit order. Thanks again Kirsty for a stellar purchasing experience.”

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